Hand rufted rug , motus et signa, the Heart


Tappeto moderno annodato a mano, della serie motus et signa, the Heart, by francesco buonfino




appeto contemporaneo annodato a mano, realizzato su disegno dell’artista Francesco Buonfino.

Motus et signa, emotional signs, was born with the idea of wanting to synthesize love and its emotions and make them symbology. It was born to be observed, and in the meantime to be able to look inside, it was born to create beauty.

Everything develops on three simple geometric shapes: two circles and a rectangle. The first circle, the mother circle, the smaller of the two, is the base, the home from which thought is born, but also what gives life to second form: the rectangle, which is none other than its projection, a bridge, which allows to connect the mother shape with the third shape: the large circle, wich allows the rectangle to become curved, to be dynamic, soft and enveloping.

Materials : wool and viscose

technique : hand tufted rugs

size : 200 x 170